Sales Ideas

Premium Finance for Life Insurance

Clients often have a need for life insurance but don’t want to liquidate other assets to pay their premiums.  Sophisticated clients appreciate the ability to use leverage to buy life insurance.  Network Partners Int’l. (NPI) understands the premium finance landscape.  You can avoid hassles and embarrassment by partnering with an industry leader in premium finance.

Foreign National Life Insurance

Foreign National life sales have been a burgeoning market for the past several years.  Navigating the waters to get your client approved requires special help.  Help offered by Network Partners, Int’l (NPI). Carriers treat the variety of risks differently, so partnering with the right firm is critical.

Accelerated Benefits (Living Benefits) on Life Insurance and Annuities

Increasingly carriers are offering these benefits on their life insurance and annuity contracts but not all riders are created equal.  Network Partners Int’l. (NPI) has a deep knowledge of what each carrier offers and can help you find the best solution for your clients.

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