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Life Sales Flash


Life Sales Flash

Due to popular demand, the Network Partners partners team wanted to reshare the Symetra Sales Flash so that nobody would miss out on this amazing idea!
Highlights: Term-to-perm conversion program; Symetra UL-G offers guaranteed coverage with a greater level of access; Executive bonus plan case study; Symetra’s GoodLife Rewards program 


Are your clients’ term life insurance policies keeping up with their changing needs? Help them convert to a permanent life policy with limited underwriting through Symetra’s External Term Conversion Program.

Clients may be eligible to convert to a Symetra UL-G or CAUL policy if it’s suitable for them and their term policy meets the following criteria:

  • Is a single life term policy.
  • Was underwritten in the last five years.
  • Was issued by one of our eligible carriers.
  • Was issued with a rating of standard or better.
  • Policy face amount is between $100,000 and $1 million.
  • Client is between the ages of 18 and 65.

For complete program details, see our External Term Conversion Program Flyer 


With our optional Chronic Illness Plus Rider, Symetra UL-G maintains the same low premiums you are used to, but with even greater access to living benefits in the event of a chronic illness.1 Symetra UL-G’s Chronic Illness Plus Rider provides:


  • Additional protection against costs associated with unexpected health concerns. 
  • Advance access of up to 100% of the policy’s death benefit.
  • Annualized lump sum or monthly payment options.


Check out our competitive flyer and see how our premiums rank against the competition!



You have a client who is a successful business owner and would like to reward one of her valued employees to help secure his future employment with the company. The employee has a young family with a substantial need for additional life insurance. Your client would also like him to have the option to get back up to 100% of the cumulative paid premiums if he doesn’t need the death benefit when he retires. 

In a new case study, see how a business owner rewarded her employee using an executive bonus plan with a Symetra UL-G policy that included a Return of Premium (ROP) Rider. It gave the employee and his family added security and the possibility of additional retirement income, and it provided her business with a tax deduction.2


Studies prove that people who are generally fit and maintain healthy lifestyles live longer, even with certain health issues. 

Symetra’s Good Life Rewards program allows your clients to earn credits for their healthy habits that could lift them into a higher underwriting rate class.

Contact your RVP or the Symetra Life Sales Desk to learn more about our GoodLife Rewards underwriting crediting program.

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