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Do you have clients who need both life insurance and long-term care coverage, but you’re not sure how to talk to them about it? AXA has put together research-based language recommendations — so you have the right words and phrases to use when you talk to your clients.Use words and phrases that will help your clients hear the real benefits.

We’ll show you how to talk about…

Our permanent life insurance, how it works and the benefits your clients can get from it – so they’re not turned off by “life insurance.”
Our Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider, and how it adds an extra layer of flexibility and security to a financial plan by helping to protect your clients’ assets from potential long-term care costs.

Get your copy of “The new language of long-term care” today – and set your clients up for a secure and comfortable financial future.


Learn how AXA’s Long-Term Care ServiceSM Rider can provide the flexibility your clients need.

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