Business Markets

Business Markets

Planning for contingencies is important to most business owners.  Most small business employ multiple members of the same family and in many cases small business employees become like family.  Therefore it’s important for insurance professionals to help these families plan for the unexpected.  Small businesses are the engine of the American economy and need protection.

  • Buy Sell – Partners and co-owners can spend most of a lifetime working and building a business together but they likely don’t want to be in business with their partner’s spouse.  Many buy term insurance to cover the need but don’t buy or can’t afford disability.  Term with living benefits can help close the gap.
  • Key Person – Keeping and rewarding important people is the goal of most business owners.  We can show you innovative designs that can maximize benefits while minimizing the tax impact.
  • Deferred Comp – Life insurance can provide tax benefits not available in any other product.  We have designed and helped implement numerous COLI and BOLI cases and can help you too.
  • Business Continuation – The unexpected death or disability or a business owner can be devastating to both the owner’s family and the employees of a small business.  We can help you design a plan to keep the light on and the business operating.
  • Estate Equalization – Often overlooked is the need to balance an estate when one or more siblings work in a family business and one or more do not.  The adult child who works day to day in a business probably would not like to suddenly be partnered with their sibling who has never taken an interest the family business.  We can help you design a plan that allows for business continuity and keeps the working sibling independent.
  • Group Life & DI – Group insurance can provide valuable benefits to owners and employees at a reasonable cost.  We have the plans to help you give your client the coverage they need and want.
  • Premium Finance for Small Business – Plans are available today that can allow a small business owner to finance all or a portion of their business insurance needs.  These plans can potentially further reduce income tax liability and increasing the benefit to owner and employee.  Call us today to learn more.

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