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Now available in New York<br>Our GUL Nearly 75% of the time, we are ranked #1 or #2 for ages 55+

Give your agents more options to sell GUL to NY and nationwide clients

Secure Lifetime GUL 3 (GUL 3) is now available in New York – with unique features at a market leading price. Unique partial withdrawal and return of premium features offer options your clients can’t get from any other GUL product.

  • Unique partial withdrawal capability – allows policy holders access to cash while preserving the death benefit guarantee and reducing premium commitments
  • Return of premium is available in year 20 at 50% or year 25 at 100% (no additional cost)2 for those that no longer need their policy.



1) For ages 55+ and guaranteed to age 105 scenarios, Male/Female, $1,000,000 face amount for all payment scenarios; Secure Lifetime GUL 3 ranked #1 or #2 73% of the time.
2) Net of partial withdrawals and outstanding loans. These benefits are capped at 40% of the lowest Specified Amount in the policy.

Product Details
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In New York
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Outside of NY
Want a powerful GUL solution for clients outside of NY state?

GUL 3 is available nationwide at the same great rates as New York and includes innovative longevity and chronic illness riders: