51Blocks – Marketing Partner


Network Partners has teamed up with 51Blocks.com to build and promote their business online.  51Blocks approaches online marketing different than a majority of other companies.  51Blocks wants to help grow and develop businesses online.  51Blocks believe they can help companies no matter the size of budget and will help you decide where spend your online marketing dollars to get the best ROI.

How 51Blocks helps grows and develops business:

  • Funnel – Sales -> Leads -> Traffic – 51Blocks thinks about your sales and how many leads it takes to get those sales, and then how much traffic it takes to get those leads.

  • Lead Tracking – 51Blocks helps you understand where your leads are coming from so you spend more money on areas that will make you more money and stop spending money on areas where you are not.

  • Online Marketing

    • SEO & Local SEO

    • Paid Search (PPC)

    • Social

    • Email Marketing

    • Website Design & Development

    • Website Hosting

51Blocks does not have any long term contract (everything is month to month) and they are completely transparent with the work they do.  Every month 51Blocks sends out reports to their clients describing what they did last month and what they will be doing next month.  Monthly phone calls are welcome.